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Primal Virility Cream

Price with discount: $59.00
Sales price: $59.00
Sales price: $59.00
Primal is a super charged, high grade male virility cream. It unleashes a pure animalistic punch you can feel. Primal is unlike anything else.
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Primal High Grade Virility Cream

Primal is a super charged high grade virility cream, designed to intensify the sexual experience. Primal unleashes a pure animalistic punch you can feel, leaving you erotically charged and ready for action. Primal cream once applied, you feel an amazingly warm, tingling and achingly sensual.

Primal cream uses all natural ingredients so that men young and old can enjoy the feeling of a mind blowing, super-charged, explosive sexual experience, giving them control and confidence. Primal produces a lasting, deeply-erotic sensation which will leave you sexually charged and ready for action.

Primal virility team has been scientifically tested and clinically proven to create a very powerful sensation unlike any other. The unique blend of ultra-purified, natural plant extracts and enzymes work in synergy directly on the penile tissue and are absorbed almost immediately, leaving you sexually energized and ready for fun.

While better sex is one outcome from using Primal, it's not the only one. Whether you're with company or playing alone, Primal will intensify the experience.

Unlike tablet form products available on the market, PRIMAL can be used at any time of the day. Primal virility cream is fast acting and intensely sensual.

Men who use Primal virility cream report a high degree of intensity of arousal, staying power and an explosive orgasmic release.

Special Features:

  • Deeply erotic sensation
  • Higher intensity arousal
  • Lasting pleasure
  • Greater spontaneity
  • All natural

Size: 30ml