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Happy Pride Festival  from all of us at poppershop. Don't forget to check out our Sydney Pride specials.


Rain Rider - Unisex Shower Douche

Price with discount: $49.00
Sales price: $49.00
Sales price: $49.00
Rain Rider - Unisex Shower Douche
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These surical stainless steel douches are beautiful, durable and light enough for comfortable use yet heavy enough for a very solid feel.

The rounded tip has five holes to gently diffuse the water flow for a comfortable, thorough cleaning, and the  20cm overall length lets you clean as deeply as you need while the nine 2.5cm balls tease your hole with every pass.


The precision-cut threads in the 1.25cm base attach to standard  shower hose threads.


  • Length:20cm
  • Diameter: 2.5cm ball size